CONNECT Retreat is an opportunity to spend few days connecting with yourself, with the nature, with people, with the great vibe….with your dreams.

Time for nothing and all. In cooperation with Devi Zentrum Germany owned by Healer and Energy Coach Claire Pfisterer and Fitness centar Top Form owned by Full contact champion, nutritionist and sport Coach Dražen Vukelić and myself as an Life Coach, Mindfulness trainer and B&B fun and sun Punat Watersport centar owner, we used all our knowledge and skills and created a Retreat that will connect us with ourselves, that will give us an opportunity to feel and connect with the nature, with other people thru fun, workshops, excursions, great moments together, sport activities, challenges, mindful moments, mastermind talks and a lot more…. naturally, with great music background, beach vibe and all the benefits of sea.

The idea is to come and leave behind all our “known”, to undress all except a bikini at the beach, to step out the comfort zone by sharing a simple accommodation, letting us focus on time for ourselves, giving us the possibility to focus on inner, to find the harmony of our MIND, BODY and SOUL. To raise our Vibe, to remove the obstacles and make space for our dreams and visions. Because, every and each of us is a perfectly beautiful ORIGINAL.

INFO & Booking: [email protected] for croatian, italian, english speakers , [email protected] for German speakers


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