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(Samo na engleskom i njemačkom jeziku)

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Madhavananda (Madhava), born in Germany, studied the ancient Jyotish Astrology, Remedies and Vedic Rituals from 1993 on in specific Hindu-Vaishnava Monastaries, specialized himself in the ancient Nakshatra-(Star-constellations) Astrology and attained his ultimate studies in the “Veden-Akademie” in Germany at the year 2000.

After regularly increasing his astological knowledge in India and consulting people worldwide over 20 years, he finally decided to reside in Germany and Split/Croatia.


  1. I was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. I am very grateful for the council and explanation Madhavananda gave. He made the reading easily understandable and I felt fully relaxed throughout.
    Undoubtedly this feels like the real deal.
    Amazing, thankyou Mahavananda.

  2. Such a great experience with Madhavananda, he is very learned jyotishi and nice, spiritual person. He invested so much in preparation for our meeting and I got many interesting details and helpful, practical tips. I feel he completely “nailed” my horoscope. I highly recommend him!


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