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☀ Activating the Sun within you!

Surya means sun and “Kriya” means the inner energy process. Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus to raise the samat prana, or solar heat, in the system.

It also balances a person’s left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind.

This strong foundation becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of life.
In today’s hectic pace of life, Surya Kriya offers a complete yogic process to enrich one’s life in many ways:

✅Enhances physical health
✅Develops mental clarity and focus
✅Remedies weak constitution
✅Boosts vigor and vitality
✅Balances hormonal levels in your body

28-29 March 2020
Raciceva ulica 5
10000 Zagreb Croatia

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