Systemic work offers a wider perspective on an unclear situation.
Systemic work is actually an approach, the constellations themselves are not the answer. The answers happen inside each of us, as our perspective on our question changes while witnessing how the constellation of representations unfolds before our eyes.

Systemic work is open to any question.

How does it work?
The systemic constellation starts with your personal request described in simple sentences. You are asked to choose from the group of participants selected representatives of aspects of your question; Most often participants will represent people, members of the core or larger family, or also friends, possible partnerships if the request addresses ‘an entanglement that keeps you from moving on’; but sometimes also a region, a job, if a request for instance concerns ‘where to go?’.

What is unknown since the start of Systemic Work is why the representants will indeed start to feel and or behave like the aspects they represent. From thousands and thousands of constellations world wide however it is clear that the relations between the representations behave most often the same as in the real life of the client.

How important is systemic constellation work?
With Systemic Constellation work becoming rapidly widely accepted it becomes clear that it offers a valuable tool to gain a deeper understanding if someone feels stuck like frozen in a situation; if someone can’t choose between possibilities; if a conflictual situation remains unsolved; if one feels that obscure forces dominate. Systemic Constellation Work helps to visualize the forces that act out.

Systemic Work deepens insight and leads to understand authenticity.
Stan Coenders is a Dutch practitioner of craniosacral technique and dialogue since 1994. Inevitably it became clear through the many sessions that trans generational influences often play a role in experienced restrictions of all kinds; almost automatically systemic aspects entered the craniosacral sessions and aided greatly in the gradual release from chronic conditions. Systemic work became a well defined part of the practice since 2012.
“The systemic constellation work as I see it is slow in its unfolding of a larger reality as the client often sees. The real work however isn’t the constellation but what happens inside all of us, and most of all of course in the client. However with a group of participants going into resonance about a request affects us all, we all learn, and that shared learning, a shared becoming more aware, in turn helps the client to respond on a primary level and process the request from a different approach.”

Date: 14 June 2024
Time: 15.00 – cca 20.00 with 4 – 5 constellations
Venue: Šibenska 59, Split
Maximum group size: 15

Language: English with translation to Croatian
Representant only: 30,00 €
With constellation: 80,00 €
Participation in workshop only possible with reservation via email.

Reservation & information: Stan Coenders
E: [email protected]
M: +386 30 455 655
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